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    Best Parts Source?

    Hi All:

    I'm a new member. Just curious about the best place to buy parts in Canada. Specifically I am looking for some after market accessories/lighting for a 2008 Cayman S.

    There seems to be a fair amount in the US (Suncoast parts etc.) but I would like to find a Canadian supplier. Any advice or thoughts would be helpful!


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    I guess it would depend upon what exactly you are looking for. For stock parts the dealership has been good with their pricing - competitive with the US when you factor duty and shipping. For aftermarket, Tunerworks can bring in an assortment of items. I would talk to Bobby over there. He drives a 996TT and would probably be most informed on Porsche stuff. Great prices on tires there too - better than Tire Rack.

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    x2 for what other Erik said - dealer and TunerWorks. I also deal with Jimmy Bailey @ VEX Performance. He is an authorized dealer for lots of cool stuff (COBB Tuning, BBS wheels, Rays/Volk wheels, KW suspension, etc.) and have always had good luck using them.

    I generally price check the dealer versus Pelican Parts. You can typically buy Genuine Porsche parts cheaper than our dealer (even with the club discount) but once you apply 2.5% foreign purchase fee on your credit card, 5% GST, 8% duty, extortionate shipping fees of minimum $50, it turns into a wash. BMW dealer is the same, price wise.

    Another option is to ship stuff from the US to Sweet Grass and pick it up. Kills a day and a tank of gas, but most US suppliers ship for free. Make a weekend out of it to get your duty exemption! Plus RBC has a US dollar Visa that does not charge the 2.5% fee on USD transaction. I saved a bunch of money doing this when I was working on fixing up my M3.

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    One other bonus of a local supplier is if you have to return parts. I bought some parts for my Mercedes on RockAuto and what I received turned out to be the wrong part. Probably due to my Mercedes being a Euro model. So how do you return a part after paying shipping/duties, etc? You have to ship it back. Pain in the backside and not worth it for a $30 part. So I ended up going to a dealer here and buying the right part directly

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    Good advice all. Thanks for the feedback. Hope you are all out driving this Thanksgiving weekend!

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    Another large factor is time........projects in the winter can wait for parts, spring summer not so much.

    As mentioned; US vs CDN $, shipping, customs & duty all add up quickly to be as much as local. For example; a clutch pressure plate, friction plate, pilot and release bearings were all purchased at local dealership. Genuine parts that fit and work as factory intended.

    Another factor is we are supporting Derek and team
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