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    Short shift opinions

    Hi all,

    I am going to put a short shift kit in my 2008 Cayman S. I am wondering your thoughts on which one. The options are the Factory SSK, the GT3 SSK or a something after market. Id be grateful for any thoughts you may have.



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    I want this one. I had a factory SSK and B&M kit. They were OK but not something that I would do again. This one looks to be more adjustable and has great reviews. I will get one at some point.

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    I put the factory SSK in my 2007 Cayman. Couldn’t really tell the difference.

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    Thanks for the advice - I really like the idea of the numeric. Seems really well made.......just have to decide whether it's worth twice the price!

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    Thanks Perci - that is what I worry about - may get more from an after market unit!


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