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    1973 Porsche 914 Wide Body

    Not liking the way things are looking in my industry and figured I should clean up the garage to get rid of projects that I either am not going to finish or that are just in the way. One of those is the 914 project that I have owned for over 10 years. I have collected a pile of parts but never got around to actually putting them where they would be used. And from the looks of things it will be another 10 years before I do so. Much better to let someone else have a go at it. Would love to see it on the road one day.

    The car is a 1973 Porsche 914 that was stripped to bare metal, had the chassis and trailing arms reinforced with a stiffening kit and then a Sheridan Motorsports wide body installed. It is in primer and is very solid. A little surface rust started to show in the last year or so but nothing to worry about. With a little clean up would be ready for paint. The car came out of California and was hauled directly to my garage where it sits currently.

    The wheels are Kinesis Motorsports - 17x12 rear and 17x10 fronts. The rubber has full tread depths as they were installed new 10 years ago. Probably hockey pucks now. Off the top of my head they are 315 wide rears and 285 wide fronts. The shocks are 911 and the hubs have all been converted to 5 lug. The rear trailing arms look like they accept a 911 axle as they are bigger than 914. I believe the kit to convert them was done by Vellios back in the day. There is also a Vellios oil tank mounted inside one of the rear fenders.

    The car has a roll cage welded in. Looks like done by an amateur and I would replace it with a quality cage if I was to go forward with the project. I installed a removable Momo steering wheel that would go with the car.

    The car has a Sheridan Motorsports standard front and wide body rear. Hoods, roof, fenders are all composite. Doors are still metal. Pricing and pictures can be found here for their kits: ( )

    I am asking $9500 CAD for the chassis. I think that is a steal when you consider the body parts alone are $5600 USD. Then you have to get a clean donor car, strip it to bare metal, reinforce the chassis, install the body kit, convert to 5 lug and 911 parts and purchase a killer set of wheels and tires. If you had to hire a shop to do the work for you there would easily be double, possibly triple the cost of what I am asking. I weighed the car when I first got it and it was around 1300 lbs with a magnesium 915 transmisson. Should have no problem keeping the weight around 2000 lbs when done. I have stock clean and perfect condition fuel tank for the car.

    I was originally looking to install a air cooled flat six but after seeing the cost vs horsepower of such a venture I decided to go with a 3 rotor rotary engine. I bought the engine adapter kit from Kennedy engineering to mate the rotary to a Porsche transmission. Then a friend really wanted the engine so I sold it to him and changed my mind again. I sold the transmission I had and bought two water cooled Subaru EG33 flat six engines plus a legacy 5 speed transmission. Bremar makes a kit, that I bought, to convert the AWD transmission for use in a 914 - it basically removes the back half of the transmission that drives the rear wheels on a Subaru and uses a spline to lock it in place and then a rear cover to keep things clean. I also bought a Renegade Hybrids radiator set up for 914's that use water cooled engines and a set of solid shift rods from Patrick Motorsports. I have Wevo transmission and engine mounts, 911 Turbo Tie Rods, and a set of front and rear Boxster S monobloc calipers with adapters for early 911's, brake rotors for the calipers, a MOTEC M48 ECU with wiring harness, hi torque starter for 915 transmissions, weld in Porsche flat six mounting kit, and a bunch of other stuff I'm sure I forgot. I'll sell all this stuff separately. Call if you are interested. If you are buying the car and want the engine, transmission and radiator stuff I would let them go for another $3500 (2 flat six engines, 5 speed transmission, Renegade radiator kit, MOTEC ECU with wiring harness, Transmission AWD to RWD conversion kit) I will post pictures here shortly.

    My phone number is 403-804-1203
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    This the how the car looks currently. I have new chrome door handles somewhere for it and a think some new rubber seals. The tail light lenses I bought used but are in great condition.

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    You can see the bracing for the fenders and the welding of the chassis stiffening kit along with the trailing arms and 5 lug conversion. The drum brake is the parking brake set up for the Vellios kit.

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    This was my inspiration for this car:

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    Photoshopped paint on a similar car to mine. If you are not familiar with the Subaru engine check out this car with the EZ30. The EG33 that I bought is much stouter and the one to use if you talk to anyone in Subieworld. They are 240 HP stock at 6000 rpm but can easily be built to over 400 NA for the small money compared to 911 stuff. Here is the EZ30 video:

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    If there are any pictures you want to see let me know and i will post them here.

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    Some more pics of the car. A shot of the dash, the dreaded battery tray where most rust out, the reinforcement of the chassis and the in fender oil tank and the nice condition fuel tank.

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    Mint condition Boxster S calipers with adapters. Bolt spacing is about 3 inches center to center and 3.5 inches. About $1100 USD for a set. Asking $1000 CAD. The way our dollar is going that will soon be 50% off.


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