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    WRR COVID and Driving

    WRR – COVID and Driving Update

    Update for Wild Rose Region members regarding COVID-19 Stage 2 relaxation in Alberta

    We are updating our COVID-19 statement as a result of the release by the Alberta Government regarding their Stage 2 relaxation guidelines. We are excited about being able to get out driving with club members again but must stress that we will be following certain protocols in order to stay within government guidelines and to keep everyone safe.

    In addition, PCA has changed handling of insurance requests for drives due to the pandemic, so we are required to provide PCA with our plans for following locally-mandated precautions for drives, as well a link to government rules regarding groups and the ability to assemble for this type of event.
    The following is a quick summary of the rules that we will be requiring all members to follow during this next stage if they wish to take part in drives or other events that the club may start holding.
    1. Events will be tightly controlled for attendance for the foreseeable future, as we need to follow Alberta guidelines in terms of numbers of people gathered for an event.
    2. In order to keep strict control on numbers, all events will have a mandatory RSVP through the club website events page. You MUST sign up for the event in advance. Unfortunately, we will not be able to allow anyone who has not signed up in advance to join a group on the day of the drive.
    3. Meeting spots will be in a parking lot away from other people, rather than at coffee shops. BYOC! Drives will get underway quickly, rather than having the socializing time that we are used to.
    4. Depending on the event and the potential for a safe lunch venue, some or all events will be a BYO picnic or will give people the opportunity to buy some food, rather than having a formal sit-down lunch.
    5. Social distancing, personal hygiene and wearing masks are three very effective ways to control the spread of the virus. We ask all participants to practice appropriate social distancing (2m, except when driving!) and frequent use of hand sanitizer. In addition, please consider wearing a mask when out of the cars and close to others.
    6. We ask anyone who falls into any of the risk categories (recent travel, showing symptoms or having been in contact with anyone with symptoms, currently waiting for test results or having tested positive) to not attend any events until they are medically clear to do so.

    The first drive currently scheduled is a limited attendance trip to the Icefields. It is currently restricted to eight cars and is full, with three “maybes”. Unless someone cannot attend, then we will not be able to take any of the “maybes” or any other members. We encourage anyone signed up who cannot attend to please cancel their attendance on the calendar as soon as possible so that others can take their place.

    Our second drive is currently scheduled for Sunday July 5th. It is a drive through the foothills to Chain Lakes for ice cream, assuming that the store is open. Sign-up is available on the calendar.

    We know that members are keen to get out for drives and to see fellow members. Although drives will be different than in the past, we believe that with the proper precautions and by following the above guidelines, we will be able to provide a fun and safe experience for all participants.

    See you on the road!

    Itching to go for a drive?

    Now that spring has finally arrived, we are sure that all of our club members are keen to get their cars out for a drive. It is that time of year when we and our cars come out of hibernation and we want to get out on the road to blow out the cobwebs. Normally, your club would be promoting such activity and getting ready for our regular club driving season.

    However, and it is a big however, unfortunately this year the situation is very different. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the current recommendation is to go out only for necessary errands or exercise and to not drive unless necessary, due to the potential of an incident which would then involve first responders and/or a tow truck, thus potentially increasing risk for all involved. Therefore, for safety reasons, PCA and Wild Rose Region are not hosting organized events until further notice. Also, seeing a line of Porsches on the road might create the wrong impression with the general public.

    Obviously, going out for a drive is a personal choice but the club has made the decision that since we don’t recommend group drives right now, we ask that members not post such potential drives on the website. If posted, they will be removed. While this may be disappointing, we hope that you understand. Our goal is to help society at large get through this current situation, so that we can all regain our freedoms sooner rather than later.

    In lieu of actual driving, please consider posting something on the forum about a great drive you have done or a drive that you would like to do, along with pictures of you and your car. Two COVID threads have been started up and both have had a lot of positive response. Thanks to Mike Darlow for starting a “Let’s see your car pics” thread and cam0141 for starting the thread “Wild Rose Represents at PCS Simracing at Silverstone”.

    Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you out at club events in the not-too distant future.
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