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    Collectables Corner

    Figured since we are all stuck at home during this time that we could take some pictures of our collectables and post them in this thread. So what have you got lurking around your place? I'll start with a couple of recent acquisitions - a pair of Al Holbert Team crew uniforms from the 962. One is a full uniform with the Miller Lite team and the other is a shirt from the Lowenbrau team. I also got this large (4 ft x 2.5 ft) cardboard 962 advertising piece with the shirt. All from the same owner. Turns out he raced a pink 935 at Rennsport & Monterey Historics and I took a picture of his car with my diecast of his car back in the day. Small world.
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    The diecast vs the real thing
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    Another great idea, here is my minor contribution though I am not sure a wide shot will upload well.

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    Excellent! Mine are all in boxes stacked unceremoniously in the basement. One day I aspire to have them on display like yours.
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    Just picked up 40 feet of cabinets basically 10 of the ones in the picture - $50 a cabinet. Score! Will be put to use to display diecast models and all kinds of trinkets I have acquired over years. Bill Mcfetridge just think of all the stuff you can carry for me now. LOL

    PS: All the hemp related stuff did not come with the cabinets. I can only handle one addiction at a time
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    Only 40 feet of cabinets, when is the liquidation sale for the other 40 feet of knick knacks

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    Bill: only 40ft of “display” cabinets. I still have 40ft of storage cabinets. We can rotate the display as needed. What time should I schedule you in for?

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    My small collection is displayed in the basement on either side of the TV:

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    A 996 Turbo. Nice. Is it a GT2? The black car. I was just thinking today I should look for one. Thanks for sharing.

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    I have a small collection above the hockey collection.

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    Rob Campbell

    2001 996, Cabriolet - Rainforest Green Metallic

    1986 928S, India Red - SOLD


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