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    Chain Lakes Ice Cream - Green Light for July 5th!

    Stage 2 of Alberta's re-launch strategy is in effect, therefore this event has a green light!

    - The Chain Lakes cafe may be open, but we highly suggest BYOI: "Bring Your Own Ice Cream".

    - Bring folding chairs to help maintain proper physical distancing. We shouldn't be mingling amongst each other as we normally do, and sitting in a chair is a good way to keep yourself distanced from others.

    - The government encourages but does not require masks in outdoor settings.

    - No hugging or physical contact with others. Stay 2 meters apart.

    - RSVP required to make sure we stay within the gathering size limit. (Note the number of attendees in your RSVP.)

    - In the morning, sign the waiver then stand by your car until departure. This will help prevent close physical contact.

    - BRING YOUR OWN PEN to sign the waiver.

    Date: Sunday July 5th
    Starting Location: Shawnessy Co-Op Gas Station - #100 - 250 Shawville Blvd SE
    Meeting Time: 8:00 AM
    Departure Time: 8:30 AM

    Final Destination: Chain Lakes Campground

    Tour Lead:
    Brodie & Danielle
    Tour Sweep: Harold

    Route Map: Driving directions will be posted a week prior to the event in the "members only" section on the forum. Please download it to your phone and/or print a copy and bring it with you!

    RSVP: Please log in & RSVP HERE.

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    Looks like a great drive!

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    Hi everyone!
    Sunday morning is looking nice & sunny for us!

    A couple of modifications to the plan:

    1. The departure location has changed to Shawnessy. (It was Rocky Ridge previously). Regardless of where we leave there will be construction to tend with, so departing from the south cuts down the time a little bit.

    2. Bring your own pen to sign the waiver.

    3. Originally we had 15 minutes meeting time in the morning, but this has been extended to the usual 30 minutes to permit enough time for bathroom break in McDonalds before we depart. (There will be no code yellow stops enroute.)

    4. Bring your own hand sanitizer.


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