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    Newbie here, just signed up.

    I'll join ya tomorrow, will bring my own lunch. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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    Look forward to seeing you there. There may be additional lunches available at the lodge. By the way, just noticed that the Starbucks address for the starting location is inside a Sobeys. The Starbucks where we will actually meet is about a block south, just off Country Hills Blvd.

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    It felt so great to get out & drive!
    I got to put on more km's on the car today than I have the last 5 months combined!
    (hence the eagerness to exercise the skinny pedal & purge the stale gas haha) Hopefully it didn't alarm some of the new members haha.

    Thanks for organizing George!

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    Thanks George for an enjoyable drive. The brief hike and lunch were great inclusions making for a fun day.

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    Marci and I thoroughly enjoyed the drive out to Kootenay Park Lodge yesterday. The short hike up to the top of Marble Canyon was well worth it.
    To bad 1A between Banff and Castle Junction was closed, that would have made what was a great drive even better.
    Thanks for a great day, and thank you George for organizing the event...

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