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    Calgary Indy shops

    Hi guys I'm still new to the group. Couldn't make it to the final drive this year but will hopefully make it out to some club events next year. In the meantime I'm hoping to draw on some experience from this group and I wondered if there are some recommendations of a good Indy shop here in Calgary for routine maintenance. I was looking between German Car specialist, Alpine Autowerks and Riegel Auto tuning. I am in the NW so that area of the city is preferred. Would love to hear what you guys have to say. Thanks!

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    You can't go wrong with either of those two shops, I am partial to Alpine and all my work/modifications have been done there.

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    I would suggest Riegel Tuning. Imre is great and very honest. I once was going to have some suspension mods done to my car that would have made it more race car and less street. Even though Imre could have put them in no questions asked and charged me $2k for the work he pulled me in and had a chat with me to verify that I indeed wanted to do it. After talking to him I decided he was right and sold the parts to someone else. He didn't have to take that time but he did. No comment on Alpine other than to say my dealings with them were less than satisfactory.

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    what model of car? what type of service?
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    It's an 03 carerra. Initially just alignment and fluids but would like to have a reliable shop for any future issues. I've heard a few good things for Riegel Tuning now so might check them out. Thanks for the info guys

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    Alpine Autowerks, ask for Marc

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    Alpine Autowerks, ask for Marc
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