Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and surviving the current situation.

As you are aware, the club had its regular election in December, followed by appointment of chairs. An email was sent out to all members and affiliates on December 6th. However, I neglected to include my name and position in the listing and missed out my last name on the signature line. The information was posted in our meeting minutes but in case you missed those and may be wondering which of the many Marks in the club is the new President, here are the new executive and chair volunteers.


Mark Oliver - President, previously Vice President
George Coppus - Vice President, previously Executive-at-Large
David McEwen ? Treasurer (continuing) and acting Safety Chair
Harold Oga ? Secretary (continuing)
Yvette Winslow ? Past President, previously President

New chair roles:

Don Leung - Membership Chair, previously Tech Events Chair
Terry Yip ? Tech Events Chair
Dion Ullrich ? Executive-at-Large

Continuing chairs:

Danielle Green ? Activities & Driving Event Chair
Yoon Ha ? Performance Driving Event Chair
Mark Winslow ? Equipment Chair
Kevin Johnston ? Newsletter Publisher & Co-editor
Marc Schroeder ? Advertising Chair & Newsletter Co-editor
Harold Oga ? Newsletter Assistant Editor & Insurance Chair
Brodie Green ? Web Master

We look forward to a great year and hope to see many of you at our events and meetings.

Mark Oliver