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View Poll Results: Manual vs PDK vs Automatic Transmission?

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  • Manual

    19 45.24%
  • PDK

    22 52.38%
  • Automatic (Tiptronic)

    1 2.38%
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    Manual versus PDK

    I just finished reading the second part of the article in this month's Panorama. I would have thought that more people would be in favour of the PDK. What do you think? If you could have any transmission you wanted in your Porsche, what would you buy?

    I've never driven a car with PDK so I can't pick it, and I've never met a Auto trans that I liked.
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    I once broke a car trying to learn manual. Sorry old Mr. BMW

    With that said, I don't have the coordination required to figure out manual.

    PDK all the way.

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    If I were to replace my 996TT with a 997TT it would have the PDK transmission. I watched a video of a 997TT with PDK accelerating and I can't come close to the performance of that machine driving a standard gearbox. I am told the PDK is uncanney at knowing what gear you want to be in - even when driving at the track.

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    I would go for the PDK transmission if i do replce my 996 turbo to a 997 turbo.

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    Yes, the PDK is a fantastic transmission, I love it. It's really the computer that makes it all work, & that's the most amazing part of all. It's like the Porsche designers got the mind of a professional driver programmed into the computer.

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    Call me crazy but I would choose a manual. I feel much more involved driving a manual. All the new cars are insanely fast so the 0-60 time does not concern me to much. Now if only they could move the clutch back to the floor where it belongs!!
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    I love the manual transmission in my 997-series 911, but if I were to buy a new one I'd go with PDK. The loss of full feedback from manual shifts is offset by the faster shifting and overall quicker car that is presented when you have PDK. The new 991 and the Turbos are so fast now that you can't keep up to PDK no matter how fast your hands and feet are. I would point to the new 991 GT3 as a perfect example of how it's the wave of the future, like it or not. So I think the manual-shift 50th Anniversary Edition is going to hold it's value as one of the last collector 911's before PDK takes over.

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    I drive a 997 model 911 manual and I like the sheer thrill of revving up and changing but I would change to PDK on my next one. I can be very swift with shifting but cannot match an automatic....I don't think anybody can... and for that reason alone I would choose a PDK.

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    I guess I can understand the reason of buying a PDK because you can’t drive a manual, or because you sit in traffic all day, but I just don't get the reason that you should get a PDK “because it shifts faster”.

    Because, well, unless you're racing at a truly competitive level, it's kind of irrelevant to 99% of us. Does it really matter if your shifts are 0.2 seconds long or 0.5 seconds long? Is going 1% faster around that track (which most of never do anyway) worth being more disconnected from your car? I personally don’t think so.

    The only statistic I care about with my Porsche is the Fun factor. I'm not Walter Rohl 2.0 and never will be. Max speed? Who cares. Shifting speed? Who cares. Beautiful lines, loud noises, connecting with a machine? Sign me up.

    I prefer the manual because it lets me connect with the car and just makes the whole damn experience more fun. That’s the only thing I care about. Cars today are so teched-up, that all the soul is slowly sucked out of them with every new thing that makes them a little faster or a little more efficient.

    If I want to check out and let the computer to do all the work for me, I’ll drive my wife’s Volvo!

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    I'm with Nost on the fun factor, but I guess it depends on the car. I couldn't imagine my grocery getter Cayenne turbo with a manual transmission, but when I buy a 911 manual is a must...even if you sit in traffic all day. Now the big question is where does the Panamera getter family car or sports car..I say the former so automatic it would be. I also don't think PDK gets its own category of transmission as I believe its still based on automatic principles, so maybe a sub category under automatic.


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