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    930 Evolution - 10 Years strong

    It's hard to believe that 10 years ago I bought my first Porsche. Pondering back to that time has left me giggling inside. Was it a good purchase or was it something I regretted doing?

    Was it a good decision to buy my 1986 Euro 930 and did I get a good deal?
    The answer is yes to "buy the 930" but a very strong no to as "good deal".
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    I have started to create a journal featuring the maintenance and repairs and upgrades to my car. Man, I was inexperienced and a newbie when it came to my knowledge of these cars. Everything shocked me when it came to the repairs including the pricing!

    It is hard to believe that I participated in a morning run back in 2004 on our secondary roads around our city.
    I am still astonished that I made it back home safely.
    When I think about what was about to break and leave me stranded or dead, I get down on my knees and whisper a big thank you.

    Over the last 10 years I have fixed everything that needed fixing and I have always brought my car to Riegel to do the work. So why am I taking this time to write about my car? I think I have finally been able to say, it was worth it! The motor has been rebuilt with "go fast" parts as well.

    A blurb out to those nay sayers about the grey car sentiment. There is so much good that comes from a proper "grey car" designation. Performance is at the top of the list that encapsulates all, no cat converter that would rob performance, larger fuel lines to help with more fuel delivery for performance motors, lower ride height as well which always helps with handling. Let me have that grey car anytime over the de-tuned proper car for our country.

    Honestly, that car scares me and entices me every time I drive her. The sound of her makes me want more every time so I give her more and I am treated to harmonious and melodious sounds like nothing else I know,
    (mmmm, this sounds like another past time I enjoy

    So I reached my 10 year quest to make my 930 a beast
    to play with when I need that "ggggrrrrrrr" time and it is so worth the ride!
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    first off let me say, you have the car I have always wanted to own, the"Euro 930" tops on my list of must own cars. I will take an olderPorsche over a new one any day, they are True Drivers! No computers, no poweranything, just get in and have the drive of your life.
    No offence to the newer Porsche owners, but anyone one can drive them at anyspeed, thus cant be said for the 930, I had the opportunity to drive several930's in the 80's in Europe, and was thrilled each and every time I drove them.Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy.
    The RUF wheels, the Front Valence and the Guards Red color look great on her,is she now complete? Or is there anything else that needs to be done to her?

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    Rob, sorry for the late reply. I have not been onto our site for some time.
    Yes I have had some good things done on her, something that was always in need of doing for this year.
    I had a 5 speed performance trans put in last year, complete with hydraulic clutch and RUF LSD.
    It drives like a true sports car now.

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    Hello Gord & belated Happy New Year to you!

    Long time no talk to! I trust all is well with you.

    Your 930 (the quintessential turbo) looks great! Suspect you can relate to the admiration I (continue to) hold for these cars ... in spite of being bitten hard when I crashed & ruined mine.

    They will always represent ultimate car cool and be the icon of form following function with those beautiful rear fender flares & radical whale tale.

    Hope to see you at an upcoming event and check out your 930 when spring comes around again.

    Until then .. take care.


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    Hi Rick,

    Great to hear from you. I have been a no show for all of last year but I intend to be more visible this year.
    I came to the New Years blast off party this year and had a great time seeing many club members again.
    We did not see you there however but I'm sure we'll run into each other this year (not literally though).


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    Beautiful car. I agree on your "grey car" sentiments, as performance enhancements are where it's at. I'd love to find an old Ruf version one day. It still disturbs me how many people call these cars Widow Makers. I hope you take it to a track for some exercise periodically and some good solid drifting.

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    Amazing - stunning, rules make the car game less fun. Make your ride, your ride! Cheers
    2007 Carerra S Cab
    2018 Macan R4 Sport


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