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    Canadian Porsche Pricing

    Hi guys, I am in the middle of my '89 total rebuild and wanted (needed) to buy some original Porsche parts. I went to check on pricing with South Centre (with whom I have had a long and positive relationship) and found that the prices were very high, up to double what was available from the US. I went and asked and got a fairly frustrated answer, namely that Porsche Canada has split off from Porsche USA but they need to continue to source through Porsche USA as Porsche Canada does not have a warehouse and may never be able to afford to have one with only 12 or so dealers across the country.

    Porsche USA apparently charges Porsche Canada full price (no significant discounts) with the result that after markup to cover dealer costs, the price locally is outrageous. To give an example...a set of bearings is about $600 in the US (all in) and close to $1000 from South Centre.

    I know I can probably source most parts through the US, but it would be awfully handy to be able to buy original Porsche parts locally at a reasonably competitive price and avoid all the hassles of shipping etc.

    Is this a place where we can use PCA to lobby Porsche, Porsche USA and Porsche Canada to straighten this out? I don't think that we would be asking for anything unreasonable, just that there should be no material difference in parts prices on both sides of the border....



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    Wow - that is brutal. I can't offer any solutions, except to say that makes ordering from Stoddard that much more necessary. But then again, I drive a 40+ year old Porsche, and the dealership system really doesn't give a s&*t about cars that old. When I was driving to the Porsche Parade in Portland a few years ago, my clutch cable began to let go and I called Sunset Porsche to see if they could have one waiting for me when I got there. They said there was ONE SINGULAR 901 clutch cable in the system in Georgia somewhere. Pelican overnighted 3 of them to me instead.

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    Just experienced the same thing from a local repair shop. New ignition wires double the price from what Pelican would charge! Somewhat worrying as i need new heads and a tranny rebuild! looking into what it would cost to have the repair done in the US just to avoid the outragous price discrepency. I don't have an issue with paying the labour, but when parts are twice the cost it cuts into the performance upgrade wish list.

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