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    New local source for detailing products - Carzilla

    I only discovered this week that a shop opened in August which offers high end detailing supplies locally in Calgary. While I have always ordered by supplies from or Auto Obsessed, I've got enough of a stockpile of stuff now that it is nice to be able to pick up the one or two things I'm low on, instead of trying to find $150 worth of crap I need to get free shipping, or pay up the $12-15 for shipping.

    Carzilla is located just off 16th Ave and 19th Street NE - kind of an odd spot, but it's an old 1960's strip mall. Not a huge place, but well organized and tidy. The owner Chris is a very cheery guy and gave my kids little animals made out of cleaning cloths. They carry brands like Einszett, Zymol, 303, Sonax, P21S, Dodo Juice, etc. and have cloths and polishing pads. His prices are very competitive.

    They do have online ordering so they have a very good listing of what's available in the store.,-114.0164905,19z

    And yes, I have to admit that the usual state of my cars belies the fact that I have detailing supplies and tools out the whazoo, just never enough time to use them. That and my wife doesn't understand how "washing the car" can turn into a two day process.


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    I just wanted to chime in that I also had a really good experience with these guys after they were recommended by another club member. They had good products but since I'm a detailing novice I really appreciated the time they took to make sure I was getting the right products and knew where to start.

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    Great to know, thanks! Its nice to have a local shop that you can pop into when you need something quickly.


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