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Thread: C4 or S

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    C4 or S

    Hey everyone, hope all is well. My brother is looking at buying a Porsche, so when we are in Vegas in Sept. he is going to rent one. But he was wondering which is a better car. The C4 or the S.

    Cody Carr

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    Just to clarify ... I believe both the C2 and the C4 come in "S" trim level. This, just offhand, adds a sportier suspension and a bit more power along with a heftier price tag. So really the question might be is the difference in price worth it for what you get in the "S" package?

    Again, just off the top of my head, but I'd say if it is within your budget etc then why not go for a bit more sportiness overall! The "S" models would likely be a bit more deisreable for re-sale in the future if that is of concern.

    Hope that helps!

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