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    PCA track events in Alberta

    Are there any PCA track events in Alberta being planned for in for 2015?

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    Nothing so far that I am aware of. The only track available is near Edmonton.

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    Not PCA, but Track Junkies offers track days at the Castrol track On the perimeter of the Edmonton International airport. WCMA and the BMW club also offer Driver's Education days in the spring.

    Not withstanding the current plunge in the price of oil, both Calgary area tracks were still progressing, last I heard.

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    Can we at least arrange some auto crosses, i have yet to test out my Cayman and miss tracking my pcar.
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    Finding a venue for autocross that doesn't involve a 2 hr drive is the issue. If you know of anything please let me know. We do have a winter driving school coming up on Ghost Lake. Stay tuned for details


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