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    Angry Rockyview Motorsports Park....REJECTED!!

    One of our best hopes for replacing Race City has been rejected by Rocky View County Council!

    A true shame as it really looked like it would have been a world class facility
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    I was shocked - another case of NIMBY attitudes!

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    I am shocked and PO'd about this!
    Living in this province is becoming less and less desirable.

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    Sadly I'm not surprised in the slightest. This project had the proverbial snowball's chance in hell. Wrong location, and they went about the whole process completely backwards. The county had already rejected the go kart clubs proposal, and the Calgary police took a stab at a facility a while back that was also rejected. I just feel bad for all the people who put money into this project. On the plus side, Badlands seems to be progressing nicely. Jay mentioned on another forum he was warned back when he was in the early stages of planning that Rockyview county was a no go...

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    I agree. I have been following, and the club has been supporting, both of the track options. The problem for building a new track has always been political and not financial. Basically, if you can build it the money will follow. The approach of Badlands was to tackle the political approvals first and ask for money once building has started. This was the right way to get the job done. It took 6 years, and a lot of work, but they are approved and on the path to construction. Rockyview was focused on the money first and seemed to downplay the issues of politics when it was brought up. Ultimately it was politics that closed Race City and stopped the proposed new track. The fact the decision to not allow the track was a unanimous vote shows just how difficult their task was going to be and to be honest did not surprise me either. The other issue is they didn't own the land which caused some to question just how confident they were.

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    For details on the Badlands Resort go here:

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    For a good comparison of the two proposals go here:

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    Anyone heard anything lately on the progress of the Badlands race track?


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